Les Hômmes

12:06:00 AM
Leo Bersani stated (and I'm paraphrasing  here so forgive me) that homosexuals spend more time remembering a sexual encounter, memorializing it and rhapsodizing it as opposed to heterosexuals who spend their time anticipating the sexual act (which explains the lingerie industry if you ask me).  

Les hômmes represents the tactile memory of a sexual encounter, the electrical storm of passionate physical attraction, the absorption of scent, taste, touch, of hearing , seeing and feeling with the entire body, the body of another.

Here is my rarely seen, but critically acclaimed video art piece Les hômmes in a slightly revised form. Shot on location in Georgia during a spectacular lightning storm which served as the only light source for the film. The cameras set to roll in the dark and the faux-strobe effects and editing are a result of the flashes of lightning. 

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