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8:55:00 PM

THINK/FEEL has been an ongoing project for em for some time so I have decided to dedicate a space online for it to grow aside from Digging To China, my more topical blog. So this is my previous statement of intent for THINK/FEEL :
I've been slowly working on a multimedia art project exploring sexuality, desire, memory, and erasure of shame from equation. THINK/FEEL contains  Self portraiture over the last 10-plus years, video/film, audio, and more make up the bulk of the project but it's an ongoing organic project that grows as I do not only as an artist but also as a human being . As I attempt to unravel the mysteries of my own desires I find new processes to explore in various media formats documenting in a nonlinear fashion the tenuous connections between object-desire and experience/memory. Friends, lovers, family, and enemies all make up the cast of supporting characters within the whole of THINK/FEEL.

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