Spark: update

10:43:00 AM
An update on SPARK, a new film from Time-Out Films and director Andrew Klaus :

So we are in our second week of the European shooting schedule a few days in Iceland and now Paris, France. We've managed even to shoot scenes inside the Louvre and an opulent dream sequence in the apartments of Napoleon Bonaparte (also at Musee de Louvre) !  Lots of  locations here, trying to capture the feel of Paris through the eyes of someone who can't even find the beauty in it when it's all around him. Someone who is so hurt that the world around him starts to wither in his eyes as his partner struggles to save him from himself. It's been an intense experience writing/directing/AND acting in this film but I'm very proud of it and of everyone involved as well as humbled beyond belief by the amazing outpouring of support to make this film a reality,  it may not be a feel good film, but it is one of very honest feeling.

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