Spark (update)

9:22:00 AM
     We're entering the final big chunk of shooting for Spark, with principal photography wrapping by the end of January, which will leave only the delightful effects shots to pick up and engineer. The films opening sequence, a quite bloody suicide attempt has yet to be lensed, saving the best for last- perhaps.
     The script has been largely improvised, and wholly unpleasant. It's been a grueling process mentally and emotionally making a film that many will instantly view as autobiographical and at times even I have had a hard time discerning the facts from the fiction of it all.
      Much has been made of the fact the film is pornographic. I've argued it's sexually explicit but not pornographic since the visceral depictions of real sex in the film are integral plot points meant to provoke and disturb rather than titillate. I argue if it is pornography, then it's the least sexy porno film I can make.   The film paints with the sickly tones of addiction with a pseudo-documentary/verité  flair that belies the planning involved to make  the film.  Shot in three countries and in multiple states on a variety of formats to express the dreamlike (or nightmarish) state of manic depression and sexual depravity the film is the experimental feature that my gallery work has hinted at for years, work that I've been hesitant to fully extrapolate into a narrative film.  But no more.  There are so many people to thank who've supported this project that I won't start that just yet but I love you all.

For those who need a synopsis

Spark follows a self absorbed artist/film maker who turns the cameras on himself through a major depressive period and highly active time of sexual addiction. The film is a raw and unflinching look at self destruction and hopefully, recovery.

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  1. Thank you for the update. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product. It sounds amazing and original.


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