Mock (2012)

5:25:00 PM

(Crystal MacTaggart, Matthew Kern and Max Schuette)
 Oh Mock. What Can I say about the journey this film took. It began as an off handed weekend fun project in 2008 that ended up taking 5 weeks to film (that's longer than some features!). It was complicated by all sorts of outside drama and shelved for years as I lost any interest in sharing it with the world...until this year.
  Mock is meant as a knowing spoof of late night cable access grade D-horror schlock,an homage to 1980's VHS. Truly a crap film best viewed late at night with beer, a cheese burger and a couple of friends. " I wanted to make something that was cheesy, terrible really crap. A late night monster movie, the kind I loved as a child, and still do really. I wanted it to be fun and a little sophisticated about how it was finessed. It walks a fine line between spoof and unintentional awfulness, hopefully people find it fun.

Watch at your own risk after the jump.


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