The Ways and Means and Shapes of Things (©2013) [NSFW]

My dear friend the musician/curator/stylist Jon Miller said that my work l was usually about me exposing myself (not not true) but he found this piece of non fiction to be the most exposed I've ever allowed in my art...which is kinda saying a lot actually when you look back at my content.  Here is my mini documentary "The Ways and Means and Shapes of Things" inspired in part by a cocktail party comment and a life time of family issues. 

A brief exploration of genealogical truths, What makes an artist? An origin story for the intrinsically nomadic tracing divergent linage from Holocaust survivors, Texan bisexuals, Alaskan Inuit and bayou dwellers.

The Ways and Means and Shapes of Things from Andrew Klaus on Vimeo.

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