Mute Songs Vol. 01

Finally released a record of instrumental works (via Le Garçon Sale Records ) culled from film scores, art shows and personal sketches I've written and recorded over the last few years. I've been asked by friends to release this kind of material for years and always resisted for some bizarre reason, but now was the right time. Hope you all enjoy.  Grab a copy for Free/pay what you will here. Big thanks to Colby Keller for the shout out on his wondrously sexy/smart  blog

Mute Songs Vol. 01 is a collection of compositions spanning the past ten years written, recorded and mixed by Andrew Klaus-Vineyard under the moniker Boarding School. The songs were written as stand alone pieces, as song sketches while in his electrorock band Mattachine Social and as film score compositions. Sonically spanning a wide variety of genres from trip-hop to neoclassical to klezmer to hip-hop to near Eastern and North African rhythms mixing with Native American and club music it is the soundtrack to Global Citizenship in the digital age.


released 04 March 2014
Tracks 1, 10-11 @ Rue Rue du Vertbois, Paris, Île-de-France
Tracks 2-4 , 14 @London Plaza, Portland OR USA
Tracks 5-9 @Room with a View, Reykjavik Iceland
Tracks 12-13 @Onbekendegracht, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
All Tracks mixed @ Movable Feast, Portland OR

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