Time-Out Films NEWS APRIL 2014

7:45:00 PM

Just an update.  Much Much Much more coming very soon.

May 6th - Boarding School Mute Songs Vol.02 will be released via Le Garçon Sale Records and like Vol. 01 I'll be gibing it away on the label's bandcamp page free/pay what you will. You can pre-order it for $1.00 (true story)

A new trailer and poster are coming for SPARK ! finally after 3.5 long meandering years in development and production the experimental docu-drama about sexual compulsion and the meaning of life is nearly complete.  VERY EXCITING

A new basement series and a new Beasts series will arrive within the month, Stay tuned!

plus some surprises.

It's been an exciting but hectic time prepping all this work while producing theater full time at the acclaimed Defunkt Theatre in Portland, OR

Oh and I got a haircut- now you're all caught up.

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