Boarding School - Static Magic (Official Video) MUTE SONGS VOL.2

12:09:00 AM


As Boarding School I am able to work and transcend "popular" music s and instrumentation and create soundscapes that are multiethnic span genres and styles. Sort of film scores for imaginary films.  The second single from the Mute Songs project, "Static Magic" is such a  track.   The video attempts to recreate my vision at night (i have exceptionally poor night vision when unaided by corrective lens)

Mute Songs Vol 02 is the eclectic, angular and more muscular companion to Boarding School's previous Mute Songs cycle. Thematically focused on arctic environment of Klaus-Vineyard's Inuit heritage with nods to recording in Iceland, France and the Pacific Northwest. For all it's propulsiveness the album still features remarkable beauty and restraint with delicate cracked ice beats, music boxes, gamalans and strings.

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released 06 May 2014

All songs by Andrew Klaus-Vineyard
Guitar on track 9 - Ben Jansen

Tracks 1-4, 10, 13, 15,16 recorded @ Room with a View, Reykjavik Iceland
Tracks 9, 11, 12, 17, 18 Recorded @ London Plaza, Portland Oregon
Tracks 5-8, recorded @ Rue Rue du Vertbois, Paris, Île-de-France
Track 14 recorded @ Onbekendegracht, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

All Tracks mixed @ Movable Feast, Portland OR

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