Brand New Retro (Samson 2015) [NSFW}

Pin-Up King ©2015

 Brand New Retro is a series that blends my love of retro beefcake mags of the 1950's and 1960's with their eroticized masculinity and kitchy California ease and the more evocative plays of darkness and light more associated with my surrealist-horror work like Devils.  I like for the uncanny and the erotic to blur lines, they (hopefully) then subvert their sense of ideological marker and lead the viewer somewhere richer.

The limited series is  sensual, over-processed, and yet austerer and simplistic.

Here again working with model and actor Samson to evoke a half remembered dream of a pin-up star.

Sensitive, Good Listener ©2015

A Heart is Just a Muscle/This Too Shall Fade Away ©2015

Born Leader ©2015

The (Other) Boy Next Door ©2015

Honest, Loyal, True ©2015

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