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 Due to the often explicit nature of my work finding the right venue to show is always a key concern. It's always a crap shoot booking models, securing screenings, dealing with curators- especially in non traditional spaces. It's typically something I avoid like the plague.  Recently I was talked into signing onto a show without being clear about the space which turned out to be a restaurant/bar. Look, Restos ( cafe shows)  are great and frequently sell more pieces for an emerging artist than a gallery show...however my work isn't really the right fit, but I said okay sure why not...then the inevitable happened the manager of the space vetoed pieces from my selected works due to partial or full frontal male nudity.  So I declined to do the show. No harm no foul. Just not my gig.

however it inspired me to censor my own work on my own terms as a reaction to the constant conservative pressure to make decorative art. again No harm no foul. Just not my gig.

But here's the first few stabs at processing the constant restraint.

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