Hungry For Tha Kill

12:05:00 PM
I've taken a step back into less ambient waters as of late, musically. My art career is so diverse that at times I have to step away from one medium that I love to have an affair with another.  Making films  has patiently waited while my work as a theatre director has taken off and being co-artistic director of a company is quite time consuming and was one of the many reasons I chose to dissolve my last musical project/band Mattachine Social. I try to squeeze in photo shoots when I can. The other day, missing my bass guitar and my art-damaged improvised noise punk roots I recorded this quick composition. with  a simple set of rules: 1 drum loop, 1 bass guitar.  It's two takes (1 overdub) and zero fucks given, mistakes and all thrown in. Here's to shaking off the rust.

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