Passages (Clifton)

Passages (Clifton no. 01) ©2016

      Actor Clifton  has had quite the year with the lead roles in Cock by Mike Bartlett and  most recently in the critically acclaimed production of Blasted by Sarah Kane (both staged at Defunkt Theatre).  A gifted and tremendously talented actor ( and first time model) one of the final participants of the Passages and Bedroom series which comes to it's conclusion this month.

Passages (Clifton no. 02) ©2016

Passages (Clifton no. 03) ©2016

Passages (Clifton no. 04) ©2016

Passages (Clifton no. 05) ©2016

Passages (Clifton no. 06) ©2016

Passages (Clifton no. 07) ©2016

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