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Andrew Klaus-Vineyard:
Director/Multimedia Artist/Filmmaker

Andrew Klaus-Vineyard is artistic director at large for defunkt theatre in Portland, Oregon as well an internationally exhibited multimedia artist and musician. Recent works include commissioned visual art for the Tate Museum in London as well as directing productions such as the acclaimed West Coast premiere of Stephen Spotswood’s In The Forest, She Grew Fangs and Hir by Taylor MacHe studied contemporary art and practice at Savannah College of Art and Design and holds a degree in Cultural Studies and Time-Based Art from Portland State University.  
He has collected awards as a director, producer and sound designer for his work in film. He has directed the feature film Spark, documentaries for the US State Department, as well as commercial and artistic projects for private clients and collectors. He is the author of the graphic novel Godless. In addition he is a founding member of the electrorock band Mattachine Social and works as electronic composer and sound designer under the moniker Boarding School
Klaus-Vineyard's work has been featured in American Theatre Magazine, The Oregonian, The Advocate, Just Out, Spectrum, PQ Monthly, Bitches Brew, Musée Magazine and The Feminist Review
He currently resides in Seattle, WA

“An Art Porn Auteur” -Just Out

”a strong visual style and narrative tendencies” -Bruce La Bruce

”Evoking Kenneth Anger and Floria Sigismondi, Klaus is able to rend a delicate and exquisite beauty out of the ugly margin of the world. By turns seductive and confrontational, his work is as frightening as a lighting storm, and just as powerfully electric.” -Nick Mattos, Just Out 

”[Klaus has ] ... highly trained artistic sensibilities” -The Feminist Review

  “ [Klaus’ work ] does what breakthrough art is supposed to do: it stimulates, provokes, and challenges. It evokes a mood and attitude, by being just translucent enough to hint at a possible point of view without overt statement. -Jim Dittmer 

“ fascinatingly rich, poetic ..., brought to dreamy, beautiful life by director Andrew Klaus-Vineyard”  -PQ Monthly 


2018 Slipping by Daniel Talbott– Defunkt Theatre
Director, Sound Designer, Producer
2018 Girl in the Red Corner by Stephen Spotswood– Defunkt Theatre
2018 The Pride by Alexi Kaye Campbell – Defunkt Theatre
Sound Designer, Producer
2017 Insignificance by Terry Johnson – Defunkt Theatre
Director, Sound Designer Producer
2017 That Pretty Pretty; or the Rape Play by Sheila Callaghan  -Defunkt Theatre
2017 Dutchmen by Amiri Baraka – Defunkt Theatre
2017 Trifles by Susan Glaspell – Defunkt Theatre
2016 Hir by Taylor Mac – Defunkt Theatre
Director, Sound Designer, Producer
2016 A Language of Their Own by Chay Yew – Theatre Diaspora
2016 The Udmurts by David Zellnik – Defunkt Theatre
Director, Producer
2016 Blasted by Sarah Kane – Defunkt Theatre
Producer, Production Manager
2015 Cock by Mike Bartlett- Defunkt Theatre
Producer, Sound Designer, Production Manager
2015 The Undiscovered Country by DC Copeland- Defunkt Theatre
Producer, Sound Designer, Production Manager
20015 Precious Little by Madeline George- Defunkt Theatre
Producer, Production Manager, Projection Designer
2014 In The Forest, She Grew Fangs by Stephen Spotswood – Defunkt Theatre
Director, Producer, Projection Designer
2014 No More Candy by Leela Ginelle – Outwright Theatre Festival/Defunkt Theatre
Director, Producer
2014 Fewer Emergencies by Martin Crimp –Defunkt Theatre
Producer, Production Manager, Sound Designer
2014 Betty’s Summer Vacation by Christopher Durang –Defunkt Theatre
Producer, Production Manager, Sound Designer
2014 Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom by David Zellnik –Defunkt Theatre
Producer, Production Manager, Video Designer
2013 The Submission by Jeff Talbott - Defunkt Theatre
Director, Producer
2013 The Children's Hour by Lillian Hellman -Defunkt Theatre
Technical Director, Producer
2013 The Boys in the Band by Mart Crowley -Defunkt Theatre
Technical Director, Producer
2013 3 Days of Rain by Richard Greenberg - Defunkt Theatre
Technical Director, Assistant Stage Manager
2012 Fire Island by Chuck Mee –Defunkt Theatre
Video Designer

Feature Film:
2017 Spark Color/BW HD Digital

  Narrative Short Films: 
2012 Exodus -5 min 38 sec- Color HD [Cinematographer, sound designer]
2010 My Memory Machine- 6 min 06 sec-B&W and Color HD
2009 Mock - 35 min  - Color/ B&W HD
2007 THIS HOUSE IS NOT A HOME -18 min 18 Sec- B&W SD Digital Video
2007 Lazarus -7 min 15 sec – Color SD Digital Video
2006 The Human Remains – 9 min 08 sec- Color SD Digital Video

2016 Mercedes-Benz advert “93 Nights “- score (as Boarding School)
2012 “Astrology is Elemental”- Just Out magazine
2012 defunkt theatre “The Homecoming” promo spot
2012 defunkt theatre “season 13” announcement video art installation
2011 defunkt theatre Advert, Willamette Week Give Guide
2011 Pivot PSA
2010 Pulse Underwear promo spot
2010 RansomPDX “August” Video art/photo slide show
2010 RansomPDX “July” Video art/photo slide show
2009 CoHo Productions “Hamlet” promotional videos/video art instillation
2009 Pulse Underwear Benjamin Black Collection Instillation Advert
2009 Pulse Underwear/Benjamin Black Collection Fashion Video

Experimental and Installation:
2015 Somnambulism – 30 min loop color HD
2013 The Garden of His Delights -12 min loop Color HD
2013 STAG NIGHT – loop
2012 Tryst [Waikiki]- 5 min 32 sec Color HD Digital
2012 Reminiscence- 3 min 44 sec Color HD Digital
2011 Play/Pretend- 5 min 22 sec B&W HD Digital
2011 Privacy- 4min 47 sec   Color HD Digital Video
2011 Highrise- 4 min 20 sec- B&W HD Digital Video
2010 The Artist Model- 4 min 41 sec Color HD Digital Video
2010 Motel- 3 min 46 sec- B&W HD Digital Video /Mixed Media Installation
2010 Mister- loop - Color HD Concept Digital Video
2010 Jesus Fucking Christ- 3 min 40 sec- Color HD Digital
2010 I Am Not Myself Today- 2 min 20 sec- Color HD Digital Video
2010 CommiePinkoFag- 2 min 01 sec- Color HD Digital Video
2010 Origin: Oceania - 3 min 16 sec- Color HD Digital Video
2009 NATURE/NURTURE- 2 min 41 sec- Color HD and SD Digital Video
2009 Peter Pan in Crimson – 5 min – Monochromatic color SD Digital Video
2008 Les Hômmes-2 min 40 sec – Color SD Digital Video

2018 17 Seconds
2013 The Ways and Means and Shapes of Things
2012 “ Variations on a Theme: Q & A about Love”
2010 “Dallas/Salem” EMS-C Pediatric Trauma Simulation
2009 Tragic Magic (dir. Heather Acs/Silas Howard/Glenn Marla)
2009 Cardiac STEMI Simulation - OHSU
2009 “Tillamook” EMS-C Pediatric Trauma Simulation
2009 “Reedsport” EMS-C Pediatric Trauma Simulation
2009 “Eugene” EMS-C Pediatric Trauma Simulation
2009 “Silverton” EMS-C Pediatric Trauma Simulation
2009 “Warm Springs” EMS-C Pediatric Trauma Simulation
2008 “Heppner” EMS-C Pediatric Trauma Simulation


2017 Boarding School – Try (remix ep)- Le Garçon Sale Records
2017 Boarding School – A Marbled Swarm, A Hornet’s Tongue- Le Garçon Sale Records
2017 Boarding School – Electric Sheep- Le Garçon Sale Records
2016 Boarding School – M/JOHN/W- Le Garçon Sale Records
2015 Boarding School - Somnambulism- Le Garçon Sale Records
2015 Music and Mixes from The Undiscovered Country-Le Garçon Sale Records
2015 AKV - Tired Old Queen (single) - Le Garçon Sale Records
2014 Boarding School – Mute songs Vol. 02 - Le Garçon Sale Records
2014 Boarding School – Mute songs Vol. 01 - Le Garçon Sale Records
2013 Mattachine Social – Close- Le Garçon Sale Records
2012 Comp 175: A Benefit for Queer Programs & services in the Pacific Northwest- LLM
2012 Mattachine Social - Nice Is The New Punk Rock - Le Garçon Sale Records
2010 Mattachine Social - Our Heroes Bleed Glitter (sampler)  - Le Garçon Sale Records
2009 A is For Accident – Selfish  - Le Garçon Sale Records
2003 Souhado - Continental Drift- Sweater Records
2000 Souhado - The Shining Lies You Told Me, Sir- Sweater Records

Video/Film/Art Festivals

2014 LOUD TATE: CODE, (Tate Britain), London, England
2013 Nocturnes: Recent works 2010-2013, (Catalyst Arts), Portland Oregon
2012 Best of 48-Hour Film Project: Portland (“Exodus”) Portland, OR- (Winner best sound design)
2012 48-Hour Film Project: Portland (“Exodus”) Portland, OR
2012 Experimental Film Festival Portland, Portland Oregon (“Motel”-official selection)
2011 From the Collection of Hannah Piper Burns” St. Mary's College of Maryland St Mary's City, MD
2011 Personal Pornographies: Works by Andrew Klaus-Vineyard (Place Gallery) Portland, OR
2011 Diversidade em Animação, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (“Motel”-official selection)
2010-11 Spread Ego (Place Gallery) Portland Oregon
2010 Anti-Static: Saturday Morning Videos, (MK Gallery) Portland, Oregon
2010 Ransom “The Erotic Art of Andrew Klaus”, (Rotture) Portland, Oregon
2010 Odds and Ends present: From Portland With Love, (ATA Gallery) San Francisco California
2010 Odds and Ends present: From Portland With Love (Northwest Film Forum) Seattle, Washington
2010 THINK/FEEL: The Experimental Cinema of Andrew Klaus, (Grand Detour Gallery) Portland Oregon
2009 OB-ART Madrid, Spain
2009 BANG! Festival de Videoarte, Barcelona, Spain
2008 BANG! Festival de Videoarte, Barcelona, Spain (“Lazarus”)
2007 Visuals Film Festival, Portland, Oregon (Winner Audience Choice Award- THIS HOUSE IS NOT A HOME)
2007 Scratching The Surface Art Fair, Portland, Oregon
2006 LIFEBOAT: HAMPTONS, Hamptons Art Fair, East Hampton, New York
2006 Visual Film Festival, Portland, Oregon

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Other Notable Works:

2014 works as sound designer and composer under the moniker Boarding School
2014 host of Light Underground on Wild Planet Radio KWPR 99.1FM, Portland
2013-present co-artistic director Defunkt Theatre
2010-2014 founding member of acclaimed electrorock band Mattachine Social
2008-2010 contributing writer, The Feminist Review
2009-2013 Frequent collaborator with photographer Holly Andres
2007 Nora (dir. Grace Carter) Set Director
2006 Dream Boy (Dir. James Bolton) Set Dresser/Picture Car Coordinator
2005-2006 writer, graphic novel “Godless”
1997 Sculptural assistant to Patrick Dougherty (Savannah College of Art and Design)
1997 Sculptural assistant to sculptor Andy Goldsworthy
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